AD i/x - Active Directory(R) import/export

Download AD i/x - Active Directory(R) import/export Version 2.4

Product Description:

AD i/x is a tool for Microsoft(R) Active Directory(R) bulk import/export.
You can import/export AD-Objects like users, groups, ... from/in a text-file.

ADix key features:
  AD Import: Import Active Directory(R) objects like users, groups, ... from a text-based file. Create new objects or change properties of existing objects.
  AD-Export: Export Active Directory(R) objects like users, groups, ... in a text-based file.
  AD Query Filters: AD Query Filters are used for export operations. Define LDAP queries, preview the result of the query and save your queries for later use.
  AD Tree View: Display and select branches of your complete AD forest.
Display attributes and attribute values of an object in the AD Tree View.
  Job Definitions: Save the settings you have made in AD Export-/AD Import Job Definitions. Start these definitions at any time you need it. Further schedule these jobs directly from the ADix GUI.

The Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 must be installed on the computer where ADix will be installed.

Supported OS:

Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

License Information:
  • AD i/x is distributed as fully functional but time limited evaluation version. After purchasing a license, you receive your license data. By applying the license data to your evaluation version, you turn it into an unlimited one ('Activate License').

  • You may install AD i/x on the number of machines as you have purchased licenses. You can use the same license data, but you have to purchase licenses based on the number of machines you install AD i/x.

Price Information:

The price for one AD i/x license is:

EUR 80,00


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