WebSite-Watcher can check hundreds of bookmarks within minutes. Don’t waste your time and check these pages manually in your browser when WebSite-Watcher can do this time-consuming job for you.

See what you are looking for in seconds!

Recommended videos for new customers

Add and check bookmarks
This video shows how to add and check bookmarks.
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Monitor a page for keywords
This video shows how to monitor a web page for specific keywords.
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Ignore unwanted content
This video shows how to ignore content using the Filter-Assistant.
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Use AutoWatch
This video shows how to check bookmarks with the integrated AutoWatch scheduler.
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More videos

Monitor an RSS feed
Monitor a forum (using a Forum Plugin)
Monitor a forum (using the Forum-Wizard)
Create a filter automatically (using the Auto-Filter system)
Monitor whole website (Follow-Links feature)
Check a password protected page (using a Check-Macro)

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